Winter has come.
Get your mitts on some icons.

The community on the web gives me so much - helping me grow in my craft and inspiring my work. Here’s a little gift for all of you as a small thank you.

Free icons display: hat, snowflake, mitten, acorn, sweater, snowman, scarff, coffee, chicken, ipod, dog, igloo, cookie, snowmobile, and snow shovel

You’re downloading a folder with 16 .EPS + .JPG icons.

These are for you to have and to hold and to do with however you like. Use them in your Christmas cards, on your blooming websites, and wherever else in the world you want to. I don’t care. Attribution is appreciated but not required, and don’t sell them or act like you made them, of course. If you think of it, it would be fun if you share these, and let me know where you use them.

free vector winter icons

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