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On Writing

Write because you have to. Write because your experiences need logged. Write because none of us knows how much longer we have. Write for the joy of the work and the freedom of getting something off your chest. Write to teach, write to make someone laugh.

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I'm Neil. Nice to meet you.

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I'm a web designer. Like many of my friends in this fine industry, the culture around my work has become the culture of my life. It's a culture of creating, community, and sharing. This is my little personal website, where I try to do all three of those things. It's always evolving, and you're always welcome here.

I think by writing.

I try to write articles of substance, preferring quality over quantity. I'm interested in design, software development, and how we learn.

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I learn by building.

I deliberately seek to excel in my trade. My trade is designing and building experiences in software. My projects are proof that I love what I do.