Hi, I’m Neil

I’m a designer, developer, and writer in Brooklyn. I hone my work by writing here. I think by writing, and learn by sharing, so I invite you to follow along! Feel free to email me.

About My Work

I believe that design is the whole experience of a thing—not merely its outer skin. In the interfaces I build, I want to care more about the way it makes my users feel than the way it looks. With this kind of user-centric focus, I often find that those two ideas are difficult to tear apart—but it’s the attitude going into the project that matters.

I believe in building things that matter. That usually means avoiding the pressure to create things simply for acclaim or perceived urgency. Building things that will truly serve people means working hard on one thing for a long time. Quality > quantity.

I believe in growing. I’m committed to reading and thinking about my craft. I see the wisdom in spending a month to learn a new skill that could save an hour every day of needless tasks. I’m more interested in the long future ahead than the short payoff tomorrow.